• How long do my credits remain valid?

    As long as you have an active yearly subscription, your credits will never expire.

  • How can I buy extra credits?

    Click here to go to the purchase page. Select the amount of credits you need and enter your payment details. Once you have paid, you can immediately get started. You will receive your invoice by mail or you can download it from your account details/your purchases.

  • Can I cancel my subscription on a monthly basis?

    No, you can't. Sendtex uses a yearly subscription, which means it can only be cancelled annually. And as long as this yearly subscription is active, the credits will not expire.

  • Can I try out Sendtex first?

    Yes, you can. Sendtex has a free trial version for 30 days. You don't have any obligation to purchase and you don't need to provide a credit card! You can try out a PRO account for 30 days.

  • ​Which payment methods does Sendtex accept?

    With the following online payment methods, you are 100% safe when you pay from within Sendtex:

    • Bancontact
    • Meastro
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Paypal
    • iDeal
    • Sofort
  • Can I also order credits without online payment?

    This is indeed possible for organizations that are not able to make online payments.

    In this case, please send an email to administration@sendtex.com and specify the desired number of credits.

    Such on-demand orders are only possible with a minimum order of 150 euros (= 5,000 credits). All smaller orders must be purchased online.

  • Do I have to pay VAT?

    Are you based in Belgium? Then Sendtex will charge you a statutory 21% VAT.

    Is your company based elsewhere in the EU? Then Sendtex does not have to charge VAT if you provide a valid European VAT number when you enter your company details.

    If you are based outside the EU (e.g. US) then you do not owe VAT.

  • Where can I find my digital invoice?

    After purchasing credits or a one-year plan, you'll receive a digital invoice in your mailbox. You can always find the invoice later on the settings page in the "Invoices" section and download it from there.

  • What is two-factor authentication and how can I implement it?

    Protect your account with more than a strong password. Add an extra layer of security to your Sendtex account with two-factor authentication (also known as 2-step verification) using the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone.

    How to implement it:

    1. Download the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone
    2. Log into Sendtex
    3. Click on the gear icon to open your settings and scroll until your see the section 'Two Factor Authentication'
    4. Click on 'enable two factor authentication'
    5. Follow the instructions to complete the setup
  • What are credits?

    In order to send out email campagnes in Sendtex, you'll need credits. One credit can be used to send one email. All Sendtex customers receive 500 credits per month, free of charge. You can always buy more credits in the application if you wish to send more than 500 emails per month.

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