• How can I collect more email addresses?

    A successful email campaign needs a quality email database. One way of collecting email addresses would be to implement a subscription link on your website. You can connect the subscription option to a contact list on Sendtex. Click here for more information.

    Collecting email addresses doesn’t only happen online. Do you have a store? Organising a special event? Use every opportunity to gather new contacts. Use a tablet or computer to facilitate sign-ups. Consider using incentives like a competition or a small discount to stimulate more sign-ups.

  • How can I make my newsletters relevant for my audience?

    Segmenting your contacts in different contact lists will allow you to differentiate your newsletters based on their preferences. Just like you wouldn’t try to sell baby formula to parents with teenagers, not everyone will want to read the same content. Segmenting your email database can result in a higher open rate, less unsubscriptions and much more.

    You can segment your database in different contact lists within Sendtex. Each license type has the ‘newsletter opt-in form feature’ that allows each contact to indicate their personal preferences.

  • How many emails should I send?

    The task of creating and writing newsletters is often pushed back until the last moment. In order to set up a successful email marketing plan, you'll have to be consistent in your planning and sending frequency. Plan a recurring task in your schedule to allot ample time for writing newsletters.

    Planning sufficient time to write newsletters isn't enough. Depending on your message and target audience, you'll need to pinpoint what your optimal sending frequency is. This could vary from once a week to once a month. Our studies have shown that a B2B company's ideal sending frequency can be a monthly or even quarterly newsletter.

  • How can I avoid spam complaints?

    Spam complaints are thorns in the sides of many email marketeers. Besides being marked as spam by your contact, there is still the possibility of being filtered as spam. The spam filter checks several elements like subject and layout. Avoid too many capital letters, excessive use of exclamation points or sales pitches in your subject line. Don't use “WIN! WIN! WIN! Click HERE To Win AN ALL-IN Vacation!” but opt for "Enter the competition to win an all-in vacation in Dubai!". The text-image ratio in your emails play an important part as well. Avoid using too many images and not enough text.

    The unsubscribe option is automatically implemented in all Sendtex emails. Not every contact will unsubscribe though. It is possible that they'll report it as spam instead. This can effect your deliverability in the long term. But how can you avoid it?

    • Encourage your contacts to edit their emailing preferences.
    • Indicate where readers can unsubscribe in your newsletter or preview text.

    And last but not least: make sure your content is relevant!

  • Do I have to personalise my e-mails?

    Personalising your emails isn't just a trend anymore. It is expected. Personalisation goes beyond using your contact’s name in the salutation. Try implementing the custom field in your text or even the subject line. These little changes will make a big impact!

    Every Sendtex user can add at least three variable fields that can be used for personalisation. A Pro account can even add up to ten variable fields!

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