• Do invalid addresses stay in my contact lists?

    Invalid e-mail addresses stay in your contact lists, but they get a 'bounced' label. The next time you send a campaign, Sendtex will skip these addresses. This way, you will not be charged any credits for these 'bounced' addresses.

    Then why do these e-mail addresses stay in my contact list?
    The answer is simple: if we were to remove these addresses, it's possible that they are added to the list again because of a link with your CRM software or because of a manual import of your customers (where they are still erroneously listed).

    The result is that a new campaign will be sent to this same nonexistent address. This will slowly increase your "spamscore", because you keep trying to deliver e-mails to bad e-mail addresses.

  • How many e-mail addresses can I save in my account?

    It depends on the type of account you've got.


    In our 30-day trial version, you can save a maximum of 50 e-mail addresses. This is a conscious decision, designed to prevent people with bad intentions from abusing our systems.

    This number should allow you to get a crystal clear picture of the inner workings of the entire Sendtex application. If that isn't the case, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help find an appropriate solution.


    Here you can upload up to 1000 unique e-mail addresses into an unlimited number of contact lists. If you chose the basic version, you will automatically send from a predefined Sendtex domain. This will allow you to send newsletters without making technical changes to your own domain name. Of course, we strongly recommend sending your e-mail campaigns from your own domain name as quickly as possible. The reason being that this will ensure better deliverability and greater credibility towards your own e-mail contacts.

    You can contact us to do so or you can immediately upgrade to our pro version, which will allow us to optimally support you throughout this process.

    Pro & enterprise:

    There is no limit to the amount of e-mail addresses in your contact lists. Of course, you are responsible yourself for the "purity" of these contact lists. The cleaner these lists are, the fewer e-mails will be "bounced" and the less will be potentially marked as "spam". All of this depends on your internal and external reputation score. The better your reputation, the better and faster we'll be able to deliver e-mails for you.

  • How can I import e-mail adresses and in which format?

    You can add e-mail addresses manually or by importing them.


    When importing contacts, there are two possibilities:

    1. upload a csv or Excel file
    2. paste the contacts in a text field, where every line represents a new contact


    For every file you wish to upload in Sendtex, you will need to follow the rules of the GDPR law and confirm that you have obtained all e-mail addresses legally. Optionally, you can add a description stating how you obtained these addresses (for example by organizing a contest at a trade show, where people put a form in a box and specifically indicate they want to stay informed).

    For each imported contact, this "consent" will be logged. That way, you will later be able to prove at any moment how a contact got into your database. Customers who were already used the previous version of Sendtex, have transferred their customer database with an initial, one-off notification "migrated from prior version".

    After uploading the csv or Excel file, you can specify which cell has to be linked with which field in Sendtex. If you have variable fields (see settings), then these will also appear here.


  • What do I do with auto-replies to my email campaign?

    You are about to send a campaign, but what are you going to do with all of the auto-replies that will arrive at the “From” alias of your campaign?

    Don’t just ignore these replies, because among all of the generic answers, you could also find interesting information. What is someone uses this to ask a question about one of your services, products or promotions? Or what if a contact has switched companies?

    Moreover, you can improve your sending reputation by consequently following up and cleaning up your contact lists. That's also positive for the sending speed and the deliverability of your campaigns.

  • How do I connect my website to a Sendtex contact list?

    You can connect your website to a Sendtex contact list so all newsletter subscribers will be added automatically to your address list.

    Follow these steps to get your embedded code:

    1. Go to Contacts
    2. Hover with your mouse over the contact list that you want to connect with your website
    3. Click on the three dots
    4. Click on Opt-ins
    5. Copy the Web form code and send it to your web developer

    As soon as this is installed, please notify us so we can validate it.

    If you want a full integration, contact our helpdesk: support@sendtex.com. Send them a short description of what you're looking for and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

  • Why can't I import my address files?

    There are some things that can block the uploading process. The list below details what causes the most frequent errors and how you can solve them.

    • The file name contains spaces or special characters such as * . à ” / \ [ ] : ; | = , ç < ? > & $ # ! ' { } ( ) é . Delete all special characters and replace them by alphanumeric characters. You can replace space with an underscore ( _ ) or minus sign ( - ).
    • Your Excel table contains empty rows. Because the data is separated by one or more empty rows, the system will not be able to process it correctly. Check if your table has any empty rows by filtering on blank cells.
    • Formatting features like filters, hidden rows/columns or likewise should be deleted before uploading. Saving the file as .CSV (comma separated value) will delete all formatting.

    Implemented the changes but still no luck? Contact us and we'll sort it out.

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