• How can I add elements to my campaign?

    When you hover over a block, a 'plus' icon will appear. Press the up arrow to add a block above the current block. Press the down arrow to add a block below the current block.

    When you click the arrow, you will see a number of options which you can chose from. Click one of the options to add that element at the desired position. To change the contents, click within the block.

  • Can I add a link to my text or image?

    We recommend that you add a link to every image in your newsletter, even if it's just to your website's homepage. This increases the odds that recipients of your mail will land on your website. In order to add a link to an image, you will need to:

    • add the image
    • select the image by left-clicking the image
    • select the link icon from the toolbar on the right

    A window will appear where you can fill in the desired link address.

  • Can I enlarge, reduce, move or rotate a photo?

    Definitely. After you've added a photo, you can always enlarge it, reduce it, move it or rotate it using the right sidebar. Poweruser tip: just use the mouse wheel to zoom your photo in or out or to move your photo. If you want to increase or decrease the height of the photo, you can use the corresponding menu items in the right sidebar.

  • How do I know when my campaign has been sent?

    As soon as the campaign has been sent to the entire target group, Sendtex will send you a message. From that moment on, you can start tracking your campaign by consulting the statistics.

  • Where are replies to my e-mails sent to?

    As long as you work with a free Sendtex account, the address yourname@sendtex-newsletter.com will appear as the sender of your emails. Obviously, this is just an alias which can't be used for regular e-mail traffic. That's why replies to e-mails you've sent are automatically delivered to the email address you've used to register.

  • How often can I send e-mail campaigns?

    You can send as many campaigns as you want, to as many contacts as you want. Sendtex will always use your 500 free credits first. With those credits, you could send four mailings a month to a target group of 125 addresses or one mailing a month to 500 addresses, and so on.

  • Can I send a campaign when I go over my limit?

    If you haven't got enough credits to send your campaign to a mailing list, Sendtex will warn you. Your campaign will be saved and you can send it once you have refilled your credits.

  • How do I prevent my mails from being labeled as spam

    Obviously, it's impossible to fully prevent this. But if you follow a number of important guidelines, your email campaign will be less likely to be seen as 'suspicious' by spam filters.

    The most important factor for deciding whether your mails are considered spam or not, is your own "sender reputation". You have to build this reputation and continuously maintain it. The biggest parameters your "sender reputation" depends on are:

    • your send history: the longer you send, the better your reputation gets
    • your volume of sent e-mails: is it a constant volume or does it often come in peaks?
    • the quality of your e-mail lists. Bad lists = bounces = a bad reputation
    • the "complaints" users make by using the spam button, so be sure to create content that is relevant for your target group
    • the engagement of your newsletter subscribers: the more engagement, the better your reputation will be
  • Why are my mails being automatically translated?

    This has nothing to do with Sendtex, it's caused by your browser settings. You can disable it via the settings of your browser. In Chrome you can disable the automatic translations by using the button at the very bottom of the following screenshot:

  • How do I send emails using my domain name?

    After purchasing a subscription, we'll contact you within one working day to set up your email address with your domain name. This one-time setup cost is including in your first Sendtex subscription.

    You'll only be able to edit your sender address after purchasing a one-year subscription.

  • Can I add attachments to my newsletter?

    No, you cannot add attachments to your Sendtex newsletters. What you can do is link to a .PDF or JPG file once you've uploaded it to another location, like a website.

  • Can I change the formatting of a block?

    Every block has several formatting options. You can edit the block by following these steps:

    • Hover with your mouse on the block you want to change. You'll see the settings bar appear on the right.
    • Click on the icon with two arrows.
    • You'll now be able to see the different formatting options available for that block type. Select the option that best suits your needs.

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