• ​1. Intro

    When a client or prospect lets us know that he can send email campaigns cheaper elsewhere, we certainly encourage him to try it. After all, we have a number of unique trumps that will more than compensate this price difference. If it even exists.

    First of all, a true price comparison is nigh impossible. There are competitors who bait customers with a very low cost per mail sent, but at the same time charge other costs. For example an initial cost for creating an account, subscription formulas and other costs which are often hidden.

  • ​2. Sharp prices

    Apart from our very sharp prices, you should consider that Sendtex gives you 500 free credits each month. The price difference with possible competitors is already eliminated when you add these 500 credits to the calculation for the price per credit.

  • ​3. Simple

    Sendtex is so user-friendly that the client (or an employee) is able to create newsletters much more efficiently. This cost is never considered, because "that employee is being paid anyway". Even though the personnel cost is one of the most important costs when setting up an email campaign. An employee can use the time he saves to perform other tasks. That can give you a lot of benefits.

  • ​4. The essence

    Sendtex has deliberately done away with all superfluous functionality. Superfluous meaning: functionality which 95% of users will never need, let alone use. That applies to sophisticated layout functions (which would actually require a graphic designer) and to analytics and reporting functions which are even too much for large organisations. In other words, functions which will never pay for themselves.

    The most frequent 'complaint' we get from customers who experienced other systems, is that all these extra bells and whistles only cause confusion and make everything needlessly complex. For them, Sendtex is a veritable breath of fresh air.

  • ​5. Professional

    Extreme user-friendliness and a professional result at very competitive tariff are absolute strengths of Sendtex. If someone isn't convinced, we invite him to compare other systems with Sendtex. Because of our past experience, we are pretty confident they will return to us.

  • ​6. Customer-oriented

    Finally, there is our excellent service. Sendtex doesn't require explanations, users can intuitively find their way and can create beautiful newsletters without prior knowledge. Still, it's possible that a customer gets stuck at a certain moment. Everyone knows what that feels like, you know the solution is nearby and yet you can't find it. At these times, an extra push from an efficient and accessible helpdesk can work wonders. You can continue right away and you'll never forget the solution.

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