• How do I prevent my mails from being labeled as spam

    Obviously, it's impossible to fully prevent this. But if you follow a number of important guidelines, your email campaign will be less likely to be seen as 'suspicious' by spam filters.

    The most important factor for deciding whether your mails are considered spam or not, is your own "sender reputation". You have to build this reputation and continuously maintain it. The biggest parameters your "sender reputation" depends on are:

    • your send history: the longer you send, the better your reputation gets
    • your volume of sent e-mails: is it a constant volume or does it often come in peaks?
    • the quality of your e-mail lists. Bad lists = bounces = a bad reputation
    • the "complaints" users make by using the spam button, so be sure to create content that is relevant for your target group
    • the engagement of your newsletter subscribers: the more engagement, the better your reputation will be
  • What do I do with auto-replies to my email campaign?

    You are about to send a campaign, but what are you going to do with all of the auto-replies that will arrive at the “From” alias of your campaign?

    Don’t just ignore these replies, because among all of the generic answers, you could also find interesting information. What is someone uses this to ask a question about one of your services, products or promotions? Or what if a contact has switched companies?

    Moreover, you can improve your sending reputation by consequently following up and cleaning up your contact lists. That's also positive for the sending speed and the deliverability of your campaigns.

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