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personalise your newsletter

You can personalize any email campaign to your liking. Brighten up your email content by dynamically adding text such as your contact’s name thanks to our custom fields.

Create a professional newsletter in no time! Implement your corporate identity in a template or adjust any existing template from our library. If you're having trouble designing your email, don't worry! Our designers are always happy to help.

Minimize your workload and reuse successful campaigns. Why create every newsletter from scratch when you can copy and edit previous campaigns? This handy feature was designed to cut back on time needed to create awesome newsletters.

Add some updates here and there ... Send!

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improve your email marketing

With the help of the Sendtex dashboard, you can easily measure your emails' success rate. Discover the number of link clicks, open percentage, bounces, unsubscriptions and much more. Thanks to the straightforward report, you'll know exactly where you need to make adjustments.

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secure address management

Import your contacts via Excel, your website signup form or add them manually. Sendtex automatically checks for incorrect or duplicate addresses so you won't have to worry about reviewing every new entry. Relax while Sendtex processes new subscriptions, unsubscriptions, bounces and even spam complaints.

Sendtex is GDPR-ready. Two-factor authentication can be enabled to provide additional protection for your account against misuse with the Google Authenticator app.

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Email marketing tool GDPR-proof

customizable profile pages

Sendtex offers all users the option to adjust their newsletter preferences. Your contacts can adjust their profile by updating their newsletter preferences at any time. This will decrease the chances of a complete unsubscription and avoid spam complaints.

Segment your contacts based on their preferences to send more relevant emails. Segmented email lists lead to higher conversions, fewer unsubscriptions and therefore a larger and more active email database.

Segmented email marketing

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